New “Induced Seismicity” Study Published

Geophysicists at the University of Alberta recently published findings their study of modern oil and gas operations’ impact on seismic events, such as earthquakes. The paper,  entitled “Human-induced seismicity and large-scale hydrocarbon production in the USA and Canada” was published in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, available here:

(note paywall).

This is just the latest in long line of academic papers discussing whether hydraulic fracturing and/or wastewater injection in shale plays contribute to man-made earthquakes. The scientific controversy relates to lawsuits in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas (and likely others), and has been covered in great detail at some of the major industry CLEs.

Available summaries of the article indicate this most recent publication is generally pro-industry in its conclusion – that hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal are generally not correlated with increased seismic activity – though it appears there may be exceptions for Oklahoma and localized areas.


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